Looking at 2017 in the past

2017 will be a year to remember but looking back I have to ask myself what did we do to make it go so fast?

One thing is the cool new world of micro processors and the many different projects that look fun to build. After reading a book on Node.js the author put in some gems about robotics which peek an interest. I got my first Arduino UNO board and have been hooked on building different test projects and now working on a self driving robot.

In October we got a chance to visit Adobe MAX and let me tell you what an inspiration it is to visit such a large geek/nerd show and see so many cool people enjoying being a geek. We are already planning going to MAX in 2018 so hopefully we will have more fun information to share. Most of the lectures were spent learning Premiere and After Effect which means I should take some time and write up a few new tutorials for the site. Maybe this should be a 2018 goal to get back into working on tutorials.

Towards the end of 2017 I started working in Lightwave again and building some models for a game. I’ve been missing the creative side of my work these past few years since most of the projects I work on now require a lot of code. But building a game it has been nice because now I can work in LW again and build custom models.

Learning has always been a most import part of my daily workflow. Although the more I learn it seems that there is less I know and more I forget. But hey I guess as new ideas are learned I need something to fall out so I can use other brain cells for more pressing needs.

Well happy new year and hope this one will just be as fun and productive!