LightWave Hair with FiberFX

So we used to have shave and a haircut, then sasquatch, and now an improved FiberFX.  For one who doesn’t need hair in their projects very often I found this a major bonus.  The few times in the past I have tried to use it, LW would either turtle up one me or out right crash.

Today was way different when I read a sad post that sasquatch didn’t work in 2018, it made me think why can’t we now use FiberFX?  The answer for me is you can.  Sure there is some instances where it won’t work but for 99% of the time I believe you can make it work.

During the time I was playing with it one of the most annoying things to me was I couldn’t change the hair color.  In the past it was simple to just pull up the node editor in FiberFX.  Well the good new is the moved texturing to the more powerful surface editor!  Surface editor is now starting to look like the one stop shop for all our surfacing needs.

I have yet to make any amazing hair that I would share.  I can say the tools are easier to use and I was able to make a quick hair do for my sphere model.  I’ll keep updating this post as my experiments get a little better.  But what I do know is in the past FiberFX looked easy to use but never worked for me.  2018 has changed that. I would expect some talented artists out there to start making some killer hair-dos.  If you get some good results please share your results.


Here is a quick test render that took a few days to get these simple results.  The main thing I learned from this is that the FiberFX has reflections and shadows.  This was a big complaint for some of the hair plugins we had in the past.

Ball with FiberFX applided to show hair

For more technical information on FiberFX you should check the manual at NewTek.