2016 Reflections

Last year was a busy year at work and I must say I had many small accomplishments. Looking back at last year I can’t believe the many new things I learned. It started when we got a toy quad copter for our son which turned into a fascination of mine to learn how to fly. Don’t worry I’m not going to start a tutorial on how to fly there is plenty of those on the internet. Next when I went back to working in 2016 we start working on moving our entire company from two building into one which meant combining 80+ employees into one new network. So I got to learn how to program VoIP switches and build a network from the ground up. Install a new firewall which was fairly straight forward. Then we installed a new WiFi network which include several access points that then linked into a master controller.

If that wasn’t enough for one year we released a new major version of our time tracking system which I worked on for at least 6-8 months in 2015 and finally put the polishing touches on in 2016. It brought many new features and made the system more mobile friendly. Overall this release was fairly well tested and ready for production with a few minor issues that got fixed quickly.

Next we launched a new project which required a new application engine to be built to help support the adverse new technologies on the internet. This code base has been a lot of fun to work and and has really started to take shape in our current project.

As for Lightwave I did upgrade to the latest release and rewriting my tutorials for the current version as you can read on the site. I didn’t do as many tutorials as I was hopping to do but maybe this year we will find some time to sit down again and start building some tutorial projects.

I would like to bring back the preset library we had started developing for this site many years ago but we will have to see if there will be time this year.

Event though I only listed a couple of small projects there was a lot going on which made this past year go by quickly. Hope you had a good year and that this year is even more exciting!